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New Music Ancient Principles

Harmonic Series Music
New Musical Instruments
Proposals for the new World Harmony Center

Universal Music, rooted in
the past and flowering into the future, sounds new and fresh, yet familiar.

Sharing a common foundation with the music of Earth's Ancient Cultures, this music touches the Collective Unconscious and has
a timeless quality.

Art, science and philosophy combine to express relationships among sounds, nature and people .

Natural Harmonic is to Music what Organic
is to Food.

As Music Evolves, so does Culture.

World Harmony Project maintains a studio containing musical instruments capable of playing Natural Harmonic Music, and the means for recording music produced with them.

This studio, currently located in Gainesville, FL, U.S.A., is available to composers, musicians,  students and others who wish to compose, perform, produce or learn about Natural Harmonic Music.

To propose a project or residency, or to learn more, send an email to


Current Projects and Activities:

  • Composition and Recording of Natural Harmonic Music

  • Residencies for Composers, Instrument builders, Students, etc.

  • Learning opportunities for local students

  • Creation of Samples of the Instruments

  • Continue Digitizing the Archives


New Instrument

Darren Burgess has reinvented the Electro-Acoustic Carillon that he built about 10 years ago. Tuned in a modified Farey series*, it was originally conceived as a rack instrument to be played via a MIDI interface. In it's new form, the 200 steel bars are laid out in marimba fashion, to be played with mallets. This adds an exciting live dimension to the instrument, while it still retains the solenoids under each bar which will enable it to be played via MIDI as well. The above photo was taken during an experimental session to evaluate the idea.

* The Farey Series is a linear arrangement of the set of just intonation frequency ratios contained in the Lambdoma or Tonality diamond.

About Natural Harmonic Music

About the World Harmony Project

History of World Harmony Project

Future Plans of World Harmony Project

People who have contributed to the development of Natural Harmonic Music


Natural Harmonic Music

is music that uses the Natural Harmonic Series and it's mathematical inversion, the Subharmonic Series as the basis for tuning scales and chords.

Since both of these series are infinite there is no limit to the variety of tonal materials that can be derived from them. This provides a solution to the problem of tonality, in it's conventional 12 tone to the octave form, having been exhausted over a century ago.

The Natural Harmonic Series has existed in the realm of Timbre or Tone Quality for millennia, and for that reason the lowest 5 harmonics were the original basis for the development of scales and chords in the Western tradition. These pitches were modified in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, to compensate for the limitations  of early keyboard instruments, to the extent that the natural materials were all but forgotten, yielding long lists of rules for which many teachers are unable to explain. When all the possibilities for creating original music with these 12 tones were used up, the mistaken belief arose that Tonality itself had been exhausted.

However, with the open-ended Lambdoma or Tonality Diamond, which is a matrix of Harmonic and Subharmonic Series scales, endless possibilities exist for Tonality, Consonance and Dissonance, Progressions, Resolutions and Modulation.

The same qualities that make these materials ideal for pitch organization also make them ideal for rhythmic structures. This opens up the possibility for polyrhythmic structures and progressions that utilize the same principles of tonality to create entirely new dimensions of musical integration.

The Natural Harmonic Series as a Practical Approach to Just Intonation, by Denny Genovese explains this in more detail.

more about Natural Harmonic Music

World Harmony Project Archives  Available on this Website

Material that was previously only available by visiting our library, is gradually being scanned and posted onto this website for free, open access.

The material includes scores, articles, photos, charts and recordings, related to Natural Harmonic Music, Just Intonation, Microtonality, New Musical Instruments and more. Videos will be available soon.

The Ivor Darreg section has scans of photos, articles and other materials that Ivor sent to Denny Genovese, as a member of the original Xenharmonic Alliance. Ivor was a member of World Harmony Project's board of advisors, from the beginning.

A section devoted to Jules Siegel is also up, which includes his articles on composing with the Natural Harmonic Series, and an entire album of his music, which was conceived for orchestra and produced electronically.

Much more is being added from time to time. To see an index of this entire site click here.


New Musical Instruments

Instruments of Denny Genovese


Instruments of Jeff Bunting

Instruments of Harry Partch

Instruments of Ivor Darreg

Streaming Natural Harmonic Music
now available on this Site!

Thanks to Chris Vaisvil for hosting the audio files and the seamless links between this site and his.

Now you can hear what Natural Harmonic Music sounds like!

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Plan for the Future:

World Harmony Project - Music Center


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New Music Ancient Principles





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We have been giving of ourselves since 1992 to bring you the opportunity to learn and experience Natural Harmonic Music.

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